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The Atmosphere Conservancy is the 501(c)(3) non-profit branch of Solaris Energy. With the help of community members, donors, and grants, The Atmosphere Conservancy has leveraged it's non-profit status to bring unique financial resources to build solar projects for underserved clients - other non-profit organizations, schools, and faith-based organizations nationwide. As the solar market changed and grew over time, for-profit partner, Solaris Energy, was born out of The Atmosphere Conservancy to serve new, additional solar demand in the commercial and industrial sectors. The two work together now to use all the resources available to the non-profit and for-profit sectors to develop solar energy efficiently and affordably.


Through solar energy projects, The Atmosphere Conservancy is merging the environmental impact of clean energy with the economic impact of cost savings for nonprofits allowing them to spend more money on their mission and service to the community. The Atmosphere Conservancy is committed to bringing clean energy to communities throughout the country, providing economic, social and environmental impacts.  By supporting the Atmosphere Conservancy, you can help raise awareness of the economic, social and environmental benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

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Visit the website of our development partner, Solaris Energy, to see how we can help develop an affordable, clean and renewable solar energy system for your community organization.


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