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Tax Investors, Equity Investors, Debt Providers

The solar industry is seeing massive growth as more companies, communities, and utilities set climate and environmental targets and strive to achieve them. Join the growing renewable energy revolution by investing with us.


We find and develop high-quality, credit-worthy projects for private and institutional investors, tax equity investors, and bank partners. Our projects provide consistent, long term and low-risk asset-backed returns, all while mitigating climate change to ensure a healthy planet for the next generation.

Invest with a company you can trust. Solaris Energy has been in this business since its infancy and our team has a proven track record of success. In collaboration with our non-profit partner, The Atmosphere Conservancy, we have been building solar and storage projects for the last 15 years. Our deeply experienced team has been working in this industry and serving as board members for industry organizations for decades.

Experienced • Trustworthy • Caring

Benefits of solar INVESTMENTS

Consistent and predictable energy payments, tax credits, and guaranteed fuel supply (the sun) make solar energy a strong investment opportunity for lenders and investors alike.

Stable Investment Returns

Solar energy provides a unique investment opportunity that adds stability, tax incentives, and market diversity to a portfolio. Projects provide passive cash flows to equity owners, stable payments to lenders, and significant tax advantages to the investor.

Diverse Portfolio

Because a solar project is an asset-backed investment that includes a long-term energy payment contract, investment returns are far less risky than many other investments. Every solar project built requires a Power Purchase Agreement which specifies the rate for the energy produced by the system that the client pays monthly for a term of 20-30 years. This creates a guaranteed and consistent cash flow from the project to pay back loans and investors.


There is massive growth in companies and utilities setting targets to reduce their environmental impact. Choosing solar positions investors, lenders, and other financial partners as fellow environmental stewards and helps to achieve sustainability and climate goals.

Tax Investors

Take advantage of federal tax credits and depreciation benefits that lower your tax burden. You can be invested in a project for as little as six years. 

Equity Investors

Realize returns from consistent cash flow generated by the sale of electricity and renewable energy credits created by the system over 20+ years. *

Debt Providers

Benefit from a fixed interest rate on the funds you provide. Get low-risk payback from a consistent and contracted project revenue.

* Legal Disclaimer: Investments available to Accredited Investors only. Investment returns are not guaranteed. Consult your financial advisor for information specific to your situation.

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