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The Solinator Garden, an agrivoltaics solar farm in Fort Collins, Colorado
Re-energizing Fort Collins' Future

What is a solinator garden?

The "Solinator Garden" combines the placement of solar panels among species of plants that support pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds, which are critically important for maintaining and strengthening local vegetable and fruit production. These elements work together to promote renewable energy and environmental health on the same plot of land.

Solaris Energy climate impact icon
25,800 tons
tons of c02 not emitted in the atmosphere from the solinator garden icon

of Co2 not emitted in the atmosphere 

248 cars
co2 emissions reduction equivalent to car off the road for the solinator garden

off the road

190 acres
co2 emissions reduction equivalent to acres of forest saved for the solinator garden

of forest saved from being removed for development



Solar panels installed

Solar Panels Installed

Acres of project land space

Acres of Project Land Space

MWh expected lifetime prodction

MWh of Expected Lifetime Production

Short-terms jobs created

Short-Term Jobs Created

Number of Fort Collins homes powered

Fort Collins Homes Powered

Colorado businesses involved

Colorado Businesses Involved

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