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Fairfield, CA – Solaris Energy, a leader in commercial solar financing, helped environmental consulting, research, and testing firm, Pacific EcoRisk, reach the company’s dream of going solar with the added benefit of microgrid resilience to ensure the testing lab stays operational 24/7.


“It has been a goal of the company for quite some time and we welcomed the opportunity to lower our operating carbon footprint. Over the long run, we will also be able to keep our annual electricity costs down,” mentioned Pacific EcoRisk President, Jeffrey Cotsifas.


The nearly 250kW rooftop microgrid system is expected to produce over 380,000kWh of clean, renewable energy in year one and offset 2,000 tons of CO2 equivalent over its operational lifetime. The project was financed through a Power Purchase Agreement with Solaris Energy Renewable Holdings LLC and will save the organization $24,000 in the first year of production.


Cotsifas stated several reasons for using this type of financing tool, “We felt that this would be a nice route as we can have the benefits of the system without it being on our balance sheet, reduce our annual energy cost, and then purchase after 6 years. It was a win-win for everyone involved.”


“Our team deeply values the environmental benefits solar can provide. Combining that with all the financial opportunities Power Purchase Agreements can offer Jeff’s and other businesses is what drives our work every day,” expressed Nick Perugini, VP Partners & Projects and Co-Owner at Solaris Energy.


Pacific EcoRisk was not only strategic in deciding to go solar but worked with Solaris Energy and partner, CitiGreen, to achieve crucial resiliency & sustainability goals as well. The organization has a unique aquatic testing lab that will fail in a power outage, which means it is a perfect site to incorporate a backup generator microgrid as a component of the system. This increases resilience from potential blackouts and brownouts as well as providing energy independence for the organization. The project capacity and design were also engineered in a manner that allows for a future addition of electric vehicle chargers, which will pair nicely with the company’s plans to purchase an electric vehicle fleet for its operations.




Solaris Energy is a certified B-Corp and 1% for the Planet member with a team that provides experienced, value-driven solar development, finance, and asset management services. The company accelerates the widespread deployment of distributed solar energy systems by offering non-residential customers low-cost PPA & SSA financing to reduce their environmental impact, increase their bottom line, and participate in the worldwide shift to renewable energy. Solaris Energy’s dedicated team of passionate individuals has been providing these services since 2008, building a strong track record of proven and cost-effective renewable energy solutions across all sectors of energy consumers. For more information visit: | LinkedIn | Facebook



Pacific EcoRisk (PER) is an environmental consulting and testing firm formed by scientists who have been conducting sampling, testing, and research in the field of aquatic biology and toxicology for over 30 years. Consistent performance of excellent work, coupled with an ability to successfully communicate technical issues to clients and regulatory staff, and negotiate with the regulatory agencies on behalf of their clients, has allowed PER to establish itself as one of the most respected environmental consulting firms and testing laboratories. PER has developed a reputation for excellence in its monitoring, testing, and research services, and for its ability to successfully resolve complex environmental issues. PERs client base includes municipal wastewater treatment plants, industry and agriculture, ports and marinas, US military services, local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, as well as support services for other environmental or engineering firms.

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