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Approval Process Item List


Request from entity signing documents

  • Legal Name

  • Legal Structure (C-Corp, 501c3, etc.)

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Operating Agreement, By Laws, or Partnership Agreement

  • Certificate of Good Standing (within last 3 months)

  • Organization Chart

  • W9 or SS-4


Request from entity paying electric bill

  • Past 12 Months of Electric Bills

  • Past 3-5 Years of Balance Sheets

  • Past 3-5 Years of Profit & Loss/Income Statements

  • Past 3 Years of Tax Returns

real estate

Request from property manager or owner of the site install

  • Property Address where solar will be installed

  • Age of Roof (Roof Top Solar Only)

  • If a Leased Property, Lease with Owner

  • Any Active Property-Related Debts and/or Liens of Third-Party Security Interests in the Property

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