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Three Simple Steps to an Efficient and Accurate PPA/SSA Estimate

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The goal of a financier like Solaris Energy is to provide potential customers of EPCs an easy and affordable path to going solar.

In addition to having the right pitch and presentation for a potential solar customer, striking while the iron is hot and providing accurate information are essential elements to closing a deal. One of the best avenues for accomplishing this is to follow this simple step-by-step process:

Step 1 - Get Initial Customer Information:

Knowing a few basic pieces of information about the customer and the project site is ideally the first item to complete on a list of early-stage interactions. This includes knowing the organizations decision makers, exact project locations, and ownership structure of the organization and the site. Hopefully these are quick and painless items you already obtain in initial contact with the customer.

Step 2 - The Big Four:

After getting customer and project basics, the next most critical step to get a rough estimate on PPA financing options is to send us the big four:

Utility Energy Only (kWh) Electricity Rate:

System Size (DC):

Turn-Key EPC Price:

Annual Production:

Filling out solar and storage project intake form for EPCs
Step 3 - Fill Out and Fill In:

When you’ve captured the above information it’s time to download and fill out an intake form. This form has several more fields for additional details about the project. Any other details that can be filled in are not necessary for a rough estimate, but if you have them they will help us obtain a more accurate price for your customer. This can reduce price fluctuations as additional information comes to light and ultimately help build trust with the customer as you move forward with the project. Walking the line of building that trust and moving on a project while customer interest levels are high is critical to a close and something Solaris Energy partners with you on every step of the way.

Want to learn more about selling (and building) more commercial solar systems with PPA financing? Check out our full training and contact us today.



Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and grown from non-profit roots, Solaris Energy is an experienced, value-driven solar development, finance, and asset management firm, public benefit corporation and 1% for the planet member. The company accelerates the widespread deployment of distributed solar energy systems by offering non-residential customers low-cost financing to reduce their environmental impact, increase their bottom line, and participate in the worldwide shift to renewable energy. Solaris Energy’s dedicated team of passionate individuals has been providing these services since 2008, building a strong track record of proven and cost-effective renewable energy solutions across all sectors of energy consumers.

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