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Invest in real-world climate change solutions

This project provides 28 buildings on Putney School’s campus with clean, renewable and reliable energy and is the cornerstone of the school’s goal to be a completely carbon neutral campus. The solar project itself truly embodies the concept of greener pastures by not only creating a better future, but physically sharing space with grazing sheep. This is part of the associated Elm Lea farm that students help run through the school’s unique curriculum, which has provided both education and a model of sustainability as a way of life for its students over the past 80 years.

Be a part of a brighter future for the next generation.

We invite you to join hundreds of other impact investors in a crowdfunding raise backed by a 446.4 kW solar energy project located on The Putney School’s high school campus in Vermont. This project was developed and managed by Solaris Energy as a part of our portfolio of over 70 solar energy project sites across the United States. We partnered with Raise Green, a crowdfunding investor marketplace dedicated to climate action projects, to allow accredited and non-accredited investors to provide late-stage debt supporting this critical multi-generational climate solution.

By being a part of crowdfunding, investors are helping democratize investment opportunities that would otherwise provide revenue streams for large financial institutions and banks. This project redirects that wealth back into the crowdfunding investors (aka YOU) who support on-the-ground, real climate change solutions.



Contribute to a piece of a values-driven student and community-focused project, while earning money on electricity from the sun.

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