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EPC Construction Checklist for Customer PPA Financing

Tax equity and the use of Power Purchase Agreements is a great way to help your clients obtain solar energy without hefty upfront costs or risk that may deter them.


This page provides an overview of the items we typically request from our EPC partners during the construction process when tax equity is involved. Nearly all of the checklist tasks are ones you're already doing internally, so it is as simple as a quick send over to us.


This is a sample of the most commonly requested items, but each project is slightly different. 



design & engineering

  • Show draft designs to Client and Client representative

  • Respond to Client comments prior to submitting for milestone payment

  • Stamped engineered plan set

  • All structural calculations

  • Roof condition report with photos

  • Roof structural report or geotechnical study

  • Permit Matrix

  • Equipment List with warranty information (warranty cards)

  • Equipment List with the dollar value of major components 

  • Evidence of response to Client comments



  • Certificate of Insurance issued to Client before mobilization

  • Written approval from the host to begin construction dated before mobilization

  • Official date construction on-site begins

  • Begin weekly project progress reports with photos


Substantial Completion

  • Filled and signed Substantial Completion Checklist

  • All Mechanical Completion punch list items resolved

  • Proof of all passed inspections

  • Coordinates of Monitoring system and remote access fully functional


PTO and Commercial Operation Date

  • Proof of AHJ approval

  • Equipment Warranties have been assigned to Client (modules, inverters, racking, transformers)

  • Provide separate equipment warranty cards documenting assignment to Client, where required

  • Evidence that monitoring is live and accurately functioning

  • All monitoring account details provided to Client before commissioning

  • Proof of PTO from utility


Interconnection and All Permits Issued

  • Copies of signed and fully executed Interconnect Agreement

  • Copes of all signed and fully issued permits


Purchase Orders for Major Materials

  • Submit purchase orders, for racking, modules, inverters, etc.

  • Estimated value of all equipment (needed for insurance)


Mechanical Completion

  • Filled and signed Mechanical Completion Checklist

  • All major equipment (racking, modules, inverters, monitoring system) have been securely installed

  • Photographic documentation of the above


Final Completion

  • Filled and signed Final Completion Checklist

  • Proof of 30-days of fault-free operations

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